DROP IN: final project results presented in Italy

On the 8th of July 2021, the Multiplier Event of DROP IN project has been held at ICS Rita Borsellino, an unmissable chance to discover what has been achieved by our partnership. 

The event gathered more than 40 people (teachers from other schools, educational trainers, staff from CSOs and educational experts) and it has been a chance to introduce the main results of DROP’IN.

DROP’IN aims at preventing Early School Leaving by building on the relationship between teachers and pupils introducing non-formal education methods within a formal system, such as schools, with the aim of motivating students and making them protagonists in their learning process.

During the event, it has been important to explain – finally, face-to-face – not only the previous results of the project but also how to use in the best way the DROP’IN ACTION, an online portfolio addressed to teachers who can use it interactively, choosing non formal activities according to the competences to be developed in their classroom.

The event has been also important to show to the interested audience the main impact on the students during their involvement in the project. Moreover, thanks to the participation of school directors and educational experts, it has been an opportunity to share the recommendations developed after 36 months of project, and gathered in the last result developed, the Policy Paper.

For further information on the Italian event, please, contact katarina.vuksan@danilodolci.org.

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