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This Online Portfolio aims at providing teachers with non-formal activities to be used within their school contexts, thus facilitating for them the prevention process of early school leaving.

The Portfolio is strongly connected to the manual DROP’ IN EDUC ACTION – A catalogue on non-formal education methods, (hyperlink) which contains more than 40 activities to be implemented in the school settings. The current tool presents several methods picked from the catalogue and tested by the teachers, involved in the experimentation, in class with students.

Specifically, the activities developed can be divided in:

Opening Activities,

aimed at creating a warm, friendly, and personal learning environment which can be a good basis to implement more complex activities. The EDUC’ACTION catalogue has developed several opening activities that serve to pave the way to experiential learning by allowing participants to deal with each other in a more relaxed and engaging environment. Moreover, they’re designed to help people get to know each other usually through presentations and exchange of names and other personal information.

Basically, opening activities are used every time:

  • Before starting a team building activity in order to create the right atmosphere and help people to “melt the ice” by putting aside insecurities and natural initial difficulties.
  • Before starting a team building activity in order to get to know each other better and create the first relationships. Under this category it’s possible to find group activities, such as icebreakers, team building activities, and energizers

Non-formal Activities,

which have been developed under 5 main topics:

  1. The Importance of Education and Motivation to Learn;
  2. Team Building and the Feeling of Equality;
  3. Self-esteem, self-awareness and reflection;
  4. Building up Your Own Environment and Taking Responsibility for It;
  5. Learn to Say NO!

These activities are based on specific topics related to these areas, and they can be included in the lessons of the teachers, adapting them to the requirements of the learning group.

This Portfolio allows teachers to choose the activities according to the needs of their students. It is possible to see the activities according to the skills the teacher is more interested to develop by clicking on one of these main 5 topic which are shown below.  

For each topic you will find the activities tested in class with students with feedback from teachers.

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