The challenge is accepted!

On October 21-22 we organized the dissemination event-training course of the project “Drop in”, in which teachers of the Gulbene Municipality gained knowledge on how to reduce the number of early school leavers using various non-formal education methods, and to promote the motivation of students to learn, and to increase their patriotism and sense of belonging to their region.

The activities took place in a beautiful place of Gulbene county – in the guest house “Mīlmaņi”. Although the weather did not pamper the participants, the warm tea of the guest house hostess helped to warm up, and the participants improved their knowledge in rapid steps.

Over the course of two days, teachers learned a variety of methods that had already been tested in different schools and in the “Drop In” project partners countries. The training was led by Anita Birzniece. She’s daily work is connected with using of various informal methods both in the school environment and outside it. Anita helped to realize this challenge in life. Why is this a challenge? Firstly, the current pandemic in the world is dictating its own rules, which are associated with various negations in society, and secondly, autumn brought a cool time, which made more conscientious participants get out of the comfort zone – a really new challenge! Thus, only the strongest teachers used this opportunity to learn: the activities were the most resilient, because the presentation of the project and the speed of testing the methods were very intensive – more than 20 different methods were mastered and taught.

What do teachers think of these two-day activities? Here are the quotes!

  • Let’s get out of the frame, say, think, do whatever others say about it. No, frames!
  • Ideas are! For the class, the events. I wish just to have enough strength and energy to realize it all.
  • Do you want it? What do you think about that? + involvement (as much as I want (child), as much as others want me to).
  • Surprising elevator speech is way how to quickly and easily learn.
  • I trained to speak according to the “elevator speech” method. An excellent society, in order to fit in, be tolerant, enjoy the joy of being together. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the ideas, leader, place, emotions. Thanks also to all colleagues!
  • Venue, activities, different attention, different types of group division, evening entertainment.
  • As the one representative of the school, it will be difficult for me to pass on this information. The school staff should feel it together, understand it, think about it!
  • Will I have time? Will I be able to find a catalog or be able to integrate it into the learning process to benefit everyone?

After the training, the teachers went to their work satisfied and gained a lot of knowledge. The most important conclusion is one: this type of activity / training should be organized for each school separately, so that teachers from one school have the opportunity to learn about new methods. Let’s continue what we have started!

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