Let’s drop’in a teacher

Sure, the project is about getting students involved in school, learning process and shaping their lives, but currently is the active phase of getting teachers involved – in the project and in non-formal education. Gulbene Municipality has involved teachers from two schools – Tirza Primary School and Lejasciems Secondary School – in this project.

From October 2019 till March 2020, teacher trainings are organized, covering both the theoretical aspects of non-formal and effective learning and practically teaching new methods based on the cornerstones of 21st century learning – learning by doing, learning to live together, learning to be and learning to learn. It is important not only to learn new methods but also to integrate them into the daily work of teachers: both teaching the subject and in educational work. Therefore, after each lesson there is a discussion with teachers on how non-formal learning methods can be integrated in different subjects and in classroom life.

Learning Together, Snow Ball, Delphi Method, World Cafe, Get Back Your Word, Think Tank, Carpe Diem, My Skills, Alligator Story, Carousel of Professions, Headmaster and more activities will be acquired to help students appreciate education, learning the importance of each person’s life, to build self-esteem and self-worth of each student, to develop discussion and teamwork skills, to develop active participation skills and a sense of belonging to their class and school.

The learning process is interesting and sometimes challenging – teacher discussions, different opinions, participation, laughing, trying, thinking about students and themselves, disagreement, denial, inspiration, generating new ideas – all this is a part of the common learning process. But there is one thing that unites these educators – they care about students, the school, and surrounding: here and now!

The project is ongoing. Learning and testing methods in practice is still going on, just like life and endless changes.

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