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Ice Breaker, Team building and Get to Know Each Other Activities




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General objective

  • To get to know each other, stimulating team spirit in the class.

Learning objective

  • To allow students to express mentally, physically and emotionally, taking into consideration all the dimension of expression.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

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15 years old



Local adaptation:

The teacher changed the setting of the classroom. Students’ desks have been set aside to have as much space as possible in the center of the room. Students stood up in a circle form, thus allowing a better implementation during the activity.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

The teacher who implemented the activity has followed the following steps:

Step 1. Each participant says his/her own name.

Step 2. Choose a gesture that accompanies the name.

Step 3. In turn, participants say their name and do their gesture

Step 4. Everybody repeats the ones that were mentioned

Sep 5. In the end, you start again but backwardly

Since it was one of the first activities in the period of experimentation, they kept it simple but effective, avoiding including an adjective for each participant. The main focus was on name and gesture in order to stress mainly the physical movement involved, highlighting the physicality of the activity itself.

Moreover, a follow up activity has been included – Human Bingo – since it focuses on the same objectives. During this activity, students were given a worksheet with a list of features or information related to some people. Then, students can move freely and in the same time they have to ask questions in order to complete the form with information about their classmates. The first one who completes the information sheet wins the game.

How did students react to the activity?

Students were happy and really motivated during this activity since it provided them a break from formal education as well as it allowed to “get physical” and interact with their peers and the space around them. Students were really happy about the activity. One of the Italian students involved has affirmed:

“This activity has allowed me to know better my peers but also their behavior and personal features”

All the related evaluations regarding the usefulness and enjoyability of the activity received a “good” and “really good” evaluation, confirming its positive delivery. Most of them confirmed that it allowed them to know their classmates better.

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