Adjectives Game

Purpose: To get to know each other and create a team spirit in the class

Duration: 20/ 30 minutes

Number of participants: 20/30 participants

Step-by-step Instruction:

  1. Each participant chooses an adjective that begins with the same letter of his/her name and that describes the participants personality
  2. Choose a gesture that can go with the adjective
  3. In turn, the participants say their sentence and do their gesture (preferably, the host starts).

Example: “I am Charles the charming one”

  1. Option: you can say your sentence + gesture and repeat the ones that were previously mentioned.

Example: “This is Charles the charming one, Sandra the smart one, and I am Frank the funny one”

  1. To make the game more complex you can ask participants to go around counter clockwise

What happened in class?

I chose this method because it creates a warm and friendly environment where participants can have fun and express themselves physically and emotionally”.

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