The Sun is Shining on…

Purpose: to break the distance between the participants and the facilitator

Durantion: 15 minutes

Numbers of particpants: 20/ 30 participants

Step-by-step Instruction:

  1. All the participants sit on chairs in a circle. The leader pushes his/her chair aside and gets in the middle of the circle
  2. The person in the middle has to find a chair to sit on. He/she presents him/herself (by name) and tells some interesting fact/s about himself/herself.
  3. Then he/she says: “The Sun is shining on someone who…” (e.g. is wearing tights, watched TV yesterday, etc. –which helps to classify the participants). Everyone who belongs to the category has to change seats; at the same time the person staying in the middle finds himself/herself a new chair, where she/he can sit.
  4. The person who remains without a chair, he/she stays in the middle of the circle and he/she does the same thing.

You cannot sit on the chair next to you or the chair on which you have already sat. The game ends when more than half of the group has been in the      middle.

What happened in class:

It creates a warm and friendly environment where participants can have fun and express themselves mentally physically and emotionally. It helps participants develop creativity and reflexes.

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