DROP’IN – C1 Learning Mobility: “SP-SCHOOL-EVENT”

From 7 to 12 October 2019 in Dax, France, Pistes Solidaires, with the support of the partners, organised a non-formal training programme led by experts for teachers who want to discover and develop non-formal techniques to be introduced in their classrooms. The aim of the training was to make teachers key actors in the educational process, encouraging and motivating them to make changes in their work and in the school environment.

The training was also the result of the work of the IO2 EDUC’Action: The Education in Action! 

EDUC’ACTION is a catalogue of non-formal education techniques that the teachers involved will use both with colleagues and later in class with pupils. These techniques will then be tested to monitor and assess the impact of the introduction of non-formal education at school and with pupils.

In Dax, teachers from the schools involved (France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy) started to experiment these techniques an non formal educations methods.

Between November and December the teachers who attended the meeting in Dax, will act as trainers and disseminate the techniques learned to their colleagues and then between January and June the activities will be implemented in class directly with the students. 

It will be a great challenge that will see teachers and pupils as protagonists of a new educational methodology to combat early school leaving and early school leaving!


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