Human Bingo


Ice Breaker, Team building and Get to Know Each Other Activities




Applied Arts; Biology; Career Education; Civic Education; Class Education; Class meeting; Computer science; Documentation; Foreign language; Geography; History; Language; Literature; Mathematics; Natural sciences; Physical education and Sports; Physics; Science; Social science



General objective

  • To get to know each other and strengthen the group.

The activity can be implemented in any subject since it provides a support to the students’ group or to the emotional climate of the classroom.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

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15 years old



Local adaptation:

The activity was carried out according to the guidelines in the manual.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

The teacher used Human Bingo in the framework of a business preparation course, as support to the main goal of the specific learning activity. The implementation was great since Human Bingo allowed even the most reserved students to reach out to others.

How did students react to the activity?

Participants had some fun during the activity, and the students who were shyer than the others had a chance to introduce better some of their personal background.

Other comments:


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