Team Building, Feeling of Equality and Active Participation




Foreign language



General objective

  • To raise awareness on conflict and how to solve them.

Learning objective

  • To learn the usage of specific vocabulary when learning a foreign language for specific situation and context.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

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14 years old



Local adaptation:

 The activity was carried out online.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

 Adapting its online use required the teacher: 1) to tell the story of David and his family; 2) to distribute the roles, after which the group of David’s relatives had to discuss rules in a separate chat, etc; and each of the candidates to further develop their image. All this process has taken further 20 minutes. Then the “meetings” and comments began. After all the candidates were heard, the relatives had a conversation to choose 3 lodgers.

The teacher has chosen this activity since playing a role can be a perfect chance to allow students to express their attitude in a fun way as well as it can be an opportunity to explain them the respect of the differences and tolerance. Moreover, it can provoke them to think about serious issues or topics

How did students react to the activity?

 Since students were younger than the age foreseen for this activity, they didn’t enjoy a lot this approach: some of them didn’t like it, others didn’t know exactly what to do, and this was a bit difficult for the teacher to manage. Others seemed to appreciate the activity.

Other comments:

 The activity is not suitable for online use by students under the age of 16. It is necessary for children to know each other well. They cannot understand the instructions and still find it difficult to get into a role and relax, especially behind the screen.

For specific information on this activity, download the worksheet: