Let’s have our rules


Building up Your Own Environment and Taking Responsibility for It




Career Education; Class Education; Language; Physics


France; Latvia

General objective

  • To involve students in the formation of their environment – by planning, organizing, and taking responsibility for the implementation of their class and school life.

Learning objective

  • To actively involve students in the development of events/plans raises thus raising their sense of responsibility.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

Click on the following boxes, each one will show you the results of project experimentation in each country (and useful suggestions for your implementation).


13 years old


French (Language)

Local adaptation:

The activity’s local implementation followed the instructions as foreseen in the manual.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

Teachers implemented the activity thus getting complete involvement from their students, also in the process of planning future events.

How did students react to the activity?

The students were happy to be in charge of the class and were very involved in the development of the rules. They showed the will to listen to each other and to be committed in this “internal” contract among them and the teacher.

Other comments:

The activity really manages to involve students, generating enthusiasm in creating the rules.

It is suggested to check periodically the agreed-on rules, since students can quickly forget about the class contract. It is important to hang up on the wall after writing it on some flipchart or to project it on the board regularly.


12 years old


Class education

Local adaptation:

The teacher preferred to take more time to develop the rules and reach the consensus within the classroom, by organizing 2 lessons, for a total of 80 minutes of activity. The target involved was a bit younger of the one foreseen by this activity, but it worked.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

The teacher allowed students to develop rules for a class event. Once the plan is accepted by everyone, the next step is to propose it to the school director. The following steps foresee to carry out the planned event at a wider school level, using posters around the school.

How did students react to the activity?

The students were happy with the activity, since it has allowed them to be involved in a decision-making process and they felt part of the school community in a better way.

Other comments:

Teachers were pretty satisfied by this activity since it is simple and easy to be implemented with any target group.

For specific information on this activity, download the worksheet: