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Ice Breaker, Team building and Get to Know Each Other Activities




Applied Arts; Biology; Career Education; Civic Education; Class Education; Class meeting; Computer science; Documentation; Foreign language; Geography; History; Language; Literature; Mathematics; Natural sciences; Physical education and Sports; Physics; Science; Social science



General objective

  • To get to know each other, to build a team among peers, to energize the group.

Learning objective

  • To break the distance and create a warm and friendly environment.

Since it is an energizer, it can be used as introduction to any subject in the school curriculum.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

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15 years old


English, Mathematics, Literature

Local adaptation:

The teacher changed the setting of the classroom. Students’ desks have been set aside so as to have as much space as possible in the center of the room. Students were stood up in a circle. Moreover, she didn’t use any chairs, adapting the activity to the age of students to make it more challenging.

This activity has been proposed also during the pandemic period, outdoor and with the students distant from each other, in order to comply with the mandatory rules connected to the COVID-19 emergency.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

The teacher implemented the activity as suggested by the manual (the only changes were the ones already mentioned).

How did students react to the activity?

Students were very happy with the activity, since it helped to relax and energize the learning environment before starting the lesson. This can help a lot in the learning and listening process. Moreover, students stated that the game allowed them to take more care of the details and enjoyed also the “movement” connected to the activity.

Other comments:

Teachers were really satisfied by the implementation of this energizer and recommended it to their colleagues. If it is proposed still during a pandemic, it is recommended to divide students into 2 groups in order to manage better the number of people and the distance which needs to be kept to follow the national rules in the framework of the restrictions.

For specific information on this activity, download the worksheet: