Alligator river story


Building up Your Own Environment and Taking Responsibility for It


10-13; 14-15


Class meeting; Foreign language; Social science


Italy; Latvia

General objective

  • To introduce students the topic of responsibility as well as making them reflect on how one situation could influence certain behaviors and reactions.

Learning objective

  • To be used within class meeting to better convey the topic of responsibility with the students.

Results, hints and inspirations from the experimentation

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15 years old



Local adaptation:

Teachers implemented the activity in more time than requested: it took them 50 minutes for Phase 1, other 50 minutes for Phase 2, and other 50 minutes for Phase 3.

Students were invited to form groups. Each participant was given a printed worksheet with the story and a grid to rank the characters. The grid has been simplified, according to the class requests.

During Phase 3, the teachers used English songs on the topics of feeling sorry and responsible, thus fitting in the topic of the activity with the language teaching requirements.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

In the first meeting, Phase 1 was developed, teams focused on finding out a compromise and ranking the characters. In the second meeting, Phase 2 was developed, and teams focused on debriefing. They had the chance to discuss and justify their choices. Relevant differences emerged between groups so that it was necessary to guide them to make them reflect in terms of active and passive behaviors, responsibility and reasons.

Phase 2 led us to a different Phase 3. The teacher stressed the concept that one unexpected situation can influence negatively our actions, words and reactions, especially when dealing with love affairs. But what happens when we stop for a while and re-think to what we have said and done? Are we ready to say “Sorry. I was wrong”?

How did students react to the activity?

Students were very active and participated into the activity proposal. The choice of using songs during Phase 3 was very welcomed.

Other comments:

This activity allow students to think about the relationship between action and responsibility, and how one situation influences actions and reactions. Moreover, it allows to learn to work in team, in particular they can learn that each single member within a group must be considered, that it is not easy to find a compromise within a group, and above all, that different opinions within or outside the group must be respected.


11 years old


Social Science and Class Meeting

Local adaptation:

Given the young age of the students, the teachers who implemented the activity adapted the story before starting its implementation in class.

How did the teachers implement the activity?

As preparation, the teachers adapted the story. The activity took 40 minutes to be implemented with 18 students, so it took less time to be implemented compared to the time the activity required in its original version.

How did students react to the activity?

Students reacted in a very positive way to the activity: some of them liked a lot the story, others liked the cooperation with their peers.

Other comments:


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